At Netset we have been working with e-commerce for over ten years. That’s nothing you might say, but how powerful was your computer in 1997? 

“Taking care of your E-Commerce” 
Netset is the largest supplier of advanced e-commerce solutions for the IT industry. We have a wealth of experience and knowledge ensuring every solution is developed to a high standard and feature rich.  

Nettailer is our robust turnkey e-commerce solution for IT resellers and the secret ingredient behind many profitable large and small web shops. Nettailer is designed for Resellers wishing to streamline operating efficiency, tighten customer relationships and boost sales revenues. Nettailer is a flexible solution with a number of substantial features to manage your back office administrational tasks such as quotes, emails, XML ordering, marketing are more.

Netset work closely with Distributors to ensure your solution can offer a broad and deep catalogue of products. Nettailer is currently Integrated with Computer 2000, Ingram Micro, West Coast, Northamber, Midwich, InterChange, EET, Micro-P, Direktek, VIP-Computers and other major International distributors. Your solution also provides you with rich data source provided by CNET to boost conversation rates and help customer make better, informed purchases. 

The most recent version, has a new design, improved navigation, Power Search, optimization for search engines.

“Making it different from anything you have experienced before”.

“Why not test drive our demo or contact our team for an in depth demo experience”.

Nettailer Demo by Netset AB | 18a Church Road | Fleet | Hampshire | GU51 3RH | UK | Tel. +44 (0)2476 620 408

Nettailer demo

Welcome to the Nettailer demo shop for IT resellers

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