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Is your business ready for Nettailer?

Nettailer is the easy, professional and complete e-commerce solution for small and medium-sized retailers. IT resellers with a yearly turnover up to €30 million, who work with distributors and are looking for a turnkey packaged solution will benefit from Nettailer.Renting Nettailer on a monthly basis, without any minimum period gives you the freedom to act now and you could be up and running within a week


Get online with your suppliers

Nettailer is integrated directly with the leading IT distributors supporting a broad and deep product catalogue. Nettailer is currently integrated with Computer 2000, Ingram Micro, West Coast, Northamber, Midwich, EET, Micro-P, Direktek, VIP-Computers and more...

Product Information

Content – The key factor for your success

The Nettailer product catalogue is provided by the CNET Content Solutions Datasource service, which is the Global leader in structured CE/IT product information. Product Images, specifications and accessories are no worries! For many high runner products, there are also several images, manuals and additional marketing materials.


Serve your customers in a better way

Nettailer contains both basic and advanced features to manage and set up your customers. If you work with larger customers, there are tools available that meet their needs. Nettailer could be used for B2C as well as B2B business purposes.

Price Management

Optimize your margins

The Nettailer pricing tool is a flexible and world-class feature allowing you to set up price models that support your needs and your customers. No more, no less!

Payment Options

Secure your payments

You are free to setup the payment options you need to support your webstore. There are also readymade interfaces for online credit card payments and Google Check Out.


Lower your transaction costs and increase your margins!

The order section is easy to work with, and you can easily get an overview of stock status and current cost pricing. Within the Nettailer solution you can order online with any distributor and your customers will receive automatic updates related to delivery status, parcel numbers, serial numbers and more.

Export data

Integration is not a problem

Nettailer provides tools so that you can freely configure and export data from your shop on a scheduled basis, for example ERP orders, customers, products, price lists, shopping lists, price files to price comparison sites, and more.

Branding your Webstore

Extend your brand

Nettailer is delivered in accordance to your graphical profile. If you wish, you can easily process or alter the branding of your Nettailer on your own. You can choose from navigation to the left, which represents more or less standard for the leading B2B-solutions, or top navigation which is the most widely used in the B2C-segment.


Get the most out of your business

There are tools that let you administrate promotions, campaign sections and more. As up selling is clearly important for your business, the accessories related to the last item added to the basket are always promoted. Convenient for your customers - Convenient for boosting your business!

Promote high runner products using our sophisticated banner solution. By default, the solution will display the best banners according to your customers’ search (based on relevancy), but you also have the possibility to manage the rules behind to get the most out of your business. Nettailer also proposes products frequently brought together with the product that the customer is about to buy.

There are also possibilities to mail specific or all customers, and process mailing lists based on customer transactions in the webstore. This powerful tool could be used to keep all your customers informed about your promotions or other services via your monthly newsletter.

Power Search

Customers buying the right products

Finally in this brief overview, we want to point out the "Power Search" in Nettailer. Nettailer enables your customers to easily find the exact product they are looking for among more than 100,000 products. Thanks to its innovative search modules like "Type Ahead" like Google, misspelling suggestion and relevance ranking, your customers will never have a hard time finding their products. The best part is that "Power Search" administrates itself and requires no real management.

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